Croatian NCP visit to the Polish NCP and two Polish LIFE projects

The Croatian NCP for the LIFE Programme visited the Polish National Contact Point on the 25th and 26th of October 2016 as a part of our Capacity Building Project LIFE 14 CAP/HR/000014. The main goal of the two-day visit was to share knowledge and experiences on the implementation of LIFE Capacity Building Project as well as gather information on LIFE project preparation and implementation.

On the first day of the visit the Croatian team met with the project beneficiaries of two successful Polish LIFE projects: LIFE KAMPINOS WETLANDS PL – Wetlands conservation and restoration in “Puszcza Kampinoska” Natura 2000 site (LIFE12 NAT/PL/000084) and BIOREWIT – New soil improvement products for reducing the pollution of soils and waters and revitalizing the soil system (LIFE10 ENV/PL/000661). During the meetings the beneficiaries presented their aims, activities and shared their experience in the preparation of the project application for LIFE call. The Croatian NCP team also had the opportunity to see the project deliverables and results on both sites and got first-hand information on benefits and challenges encountered during the project implementation.

On the second day of the visit a joint meeting with the representatives of the Slovenian NCP team and the Polish NCP team was held at the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Warsaw. Exchange of views and experience on the implementation of the CB projects and best practices in the role of NCPs set up a base for further discussion on important topics to be elaborated at the next LIFE NCP workshops and meetings.