LIFE Regulation 2021.-2027.

Multi-year work program for the LIFE program 2021-2024.

LIFE AGA – Annotated Model Grant Agreement (2021-2027)


Calls for proposals LIFE2022

Funding & tenders portal – opened project grants

Call Document LIFE-2022-CET – LIFE Clean Energy Transition

Call Document LIFE-2022-PLP – LIFE Preparatory Projects, Projects addressing ad hoc Legislative and Policy Priorities (PLP)

Call Document LIFE-2022-SAP-CLIMA – Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation – Standard Action Projects (SAP)

Call Document LIFE-2022-SAP-ENV – Circular Economy and Quality of Life – Standard Action Projects (SAP)

Call Document LIFE-2022-SAP-NAT – Nature & Biodiversity – Standard Action Projects (SAP)

Call Document LIFE-2022-STRAT-TWO-STAGE – Strategic Nature and Integrated Projects (SNaP/SIP)

Call Document LIFE-2022-TA-PP – LIFE Technical Assistance for Preparation of SIPs/SNAPs


Documentation from previous LIFE tenders 

LIFE Regulation 2014.-2020. 

Multiannual Work Programs 2018.-2020.

Multiannual Work Programs 2014.-2017. 


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