LIFE capacity building project

This project’s main objective is Croatia’s more effective participation in the LIFE program by increasing the number of LIFE projects in the field of environment, nature and biodiversity protection and climate changes and trough them get closer to achievement of goals set in EU and national legislation in terms of better environmental quality, nature preservation as well and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Project objective is to increase capacity of Croatian NCP by recruiting a new staff and train them together with those already working on the implementation of the LIFE program with the perspective of forming a new unit within the Ministry that would sustained in the future and help further implementation of the LIFE program in Croatia.

Further objective is to raise knowledge of potential beneficiaries on how to apply a successful LIFE project by providing numerous events (INFO days, workshops, conferences and train the trainers approach) which will lead to annual increase in successful project proposals applied to the LIFE programme

Also one of the main objectives is to promote the LIFE programme, and raise awareness of benefits form LIFE projects as well as its complementarity with other programs and funds.

MENP LIFE team will also initiate preparation of integrated projects and coordinate and provide technical assistance to relevant authorities in preparation of IPs. Prompt and coordinate relevant public bodies to apply for at least two integrated projects.

Furthermore, this project aims to experience exchange among member states’ NCP units in order to achieve a transfer of know-how and the best practices, as well as promote results of LIFE projects in Croatia and their benefits.


Coordinating beneficiary:

Ministry of  Environment and Energy

Radnička cesta 80

10 000 Zagreb, Croatia


Summary of Project Results