LIFE capacity building project

  • December 2022 – 2023 LIFE Programme desk calendar with coasters produced
  • November 2022 – LIFE NCP Networking Meeting in Zagreb held
  • October 2022 – LIFE Info Day: Clean Energy Transition (CET) held
  • September 2022 – LIFE Strategic Integrated projects flyer printed
  • August 2022 – New Facebook and LinkedIn pages launched
  • July 2022 – LIFE promo materials distributed at Greencajt festival
  • June 2022 – LIFE is 30 flyer printed
  • June 2022 – Celebration of the 30th anniversary of the LIFE Programme held along with an exhibition of LIFE photos
  • May 2022 – Presentation of LIFE Programme at BICRO BIOcenter Webinar “How to finance the transition to a circular and sustainable (bio)economy?”
  • May 2022 – Hybrid Info day held to present the new features of LIFE 2022 Call
  • November 2021 – National Co-financing Call for 2021 carried out
  • October 2021 – Info webinar on Standard Action Projects (SAP) held
  • September 2021 – LIFE afternoon held as part of the “15th Gathering of the expert services of public institutions for the management of protected areas and ecological network areas” in Jastrebarsko
  • July 2021 – LIFE Programme 2021-2027 flyer printed
  • July 2021 – LIFE programming period 2021-2027 Info webinar held
  • May 2021 – Webinar presentation of project results with representatives of LIFE projects held
  • March 2021 – Info days 2021 on tenders for the allocation of financial resources to projects and programs of civil society organizations from public sources in 2021 (MINGOR) held – Presentation of the new programming period for the LIFE programme
  • September 2020 – National Co-financing Call for 2020 carried out
  • September 2020 – Workshop for applicants to the Climate subprogramme held in cooperation with NEEMO
  • June 2020 – Workshop for applicants to the Environment sub-programme held in cooperation with NEEMO
  • June 2020 – Info webinar on novelties of the 2020 LIFE Call held
  • January 2020 – LIFE Programme promotion – One-to-one Meetings with Angelo Salsi
  • January 2020 – National Co-financing Call for 2020 carried out
  • May 2019 – Croatian Association for a Healthy Workplace, Expert meeting “Occupational health protection: Hazardous jobs – hazardous substances”, LIFE Programme presentation: Reducing the impact on the environment and human health
  • April 2019 – National Development Strategy 2030: Opportunities for development funds for INA JSC, LIFE Programme presentation: Opportunities for financing market-oriented projects
  • Continuous consultations with applicants and potential applicants
  • Translations of important LIFE documents


The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development (MINGOR) is the national contact point for the implementation of the LIFE Programme in Croatia. In 2018 the project Capacity Building for Croatia’s National Contact Point for the LIFE Programme (HR NCP LIFE) was submitted to it and then approved.

Project duration: from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2023.

Project objectives:

  • effective participation of Croatia in the LIFE Programme
  • promoting the LIFE Programme in Croatia and raising awareness of the benefits of LIFE projects for environmental and climate protection
  • raising the level of knowledge of potential applicants about the LIFE Programme
  • increasing the number of successful applications for the LIFE Programme.

The main activities of the project Capacity Building for Croatia’s National Contact Point for the LIFE Programme include the establishment of a Helpdesk, exchange of experiences and networking with national contact points and users from other member states, informing and educating potential applicants and key stakeholders about the LIFE Programme, as well as advising potential applicants for project proposals. The current project was built on the good results of the previous CAP project, and upon finding itself in the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic most of the activities in the first period of project implementation were moved online (GoTo Webinar and GoTo Meeting and then Zoom platforms) in the broadest scope possible.

During the previous NCP project, the National Contact Point organized informative workshops before each LIFE tender, where all key stakeholders and potential applicants were presented with information about the last LIFE Programme 2014-2020, the general conditions of the programme, national co-financing, thematic priorities and examples of projects, and it will continue with the same activities in the current programme cycle LIFE 2021-2027.

After the announcement of the LIFE Call for proposals, the Helpdesk will organize regional workshops with the aim of preparing and helping potential applicants to define project proposals, fill out application forms and avoid common mistakes. Workshops through questions and answers and exercises will be held to help applicants in the practical part of the preparation and application of the project according to the conditions of the LIFE Programme.

The Helpdesk will be available to potential applicants for consulting services regarding the preparation and application of LIFE projects, which will be carried through either via e-mail, by telephone or by organizing an advisory meeting. We will continue to strengthen the capacity of local experts for the preparation of the LIFE projects, which will be realized through special training workshops for trainers. The LIFE team will also coordinate the cooperation of relevant institutions in the design and preparation of integrated projects.


Coordinating beneficiary:

Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development

Radnička cesta 80

10 000 Zagreb, Croatia