LIFE ASPIRE – Advanced logistics platform with road costs and access criteria to improve the urban environment and mobility of goods LIFE16 ENV/IT/000004

LIFE ASPIRE – Advanced logistics platform with road costs and access criteria to improve the urban environment and mobility of goods LIFE16 ENV/IT/000004

Duration of the project:

1.10. 2017. – 30.9. 2020.

Total value:

€ 1.865.799,00

EU co-financing:

€ 1.037.488,00


Beneficiary coordinator:

Città di Lucca, Italy


LUCENSE SCaRL; Italy, City of Zadar; Croatia, Kiunsys Srl; Italy, MEMEX Srl; Italy, City of Stockholm; Sweden

Web page:

In progress.

The goal of ASPIRE is to create an advanced logistics platform with a fee for road users and access criteria to improve the urban environment and transport of goods and implement a series of measures – regulatory, organizational, operational and technological, to achieve higher standards of energy efficiency and quality of the urban environment. accordingly, the quality of life of citizens. LIFE ASPIRE plans to introduce a city access fee policy, using a system that allows carriers to have flexible pricing criteria. The main innovation is the implementation of a policy, which rewards or penalizes transport operators based on various factors, such as vehicle emissions, length of stay, frequency of travel and the use of time intervals or new logistics services. The project will adopt a Logistics Fee Management Platform (LOCMAP), which manages two new logistics services: Load/Unload Parking Lots and Cargo-bike Sharing. LOCMAP will also integrate with the existing access control system, advanced RFID technology to control the entry and exit of commercial vehicles in the restricted traffic zone (LTZ). In this way, LOCMAP will reward so-called clean vehicles with high credit scores. The potential for transfer of access credit control policy will be examined in Stockholm (Sweden) and Zadar (Croatia), taking into account local contexts.

LIFE ASPIRE solves a fundamental problem with a clear European dimension: the development of sustainable freight distribution in urban areas. The competitiveness of cities decreases when the quality of life deteriorates, when the environment is damaged, when travel delays occur and when costs increase. The project therefore addresses a number of European Union policies, including the Global Climate Change Agreement (Paris Agreement) with regard to sustainable freight transport in urban areas; on ambient air quality and cleaner air for Europe in terms of reducing noise and improving air quality in cities.

Expected results:

Implementation of LIFE ASPIRE measures represents a new approach to managing the distribution of cargo in the country (especially for final deliveries), solving problems by adopting measures to reduce emissions (eg RFID), eco-sustainable administrative services (load/unloading of parking capacity and rental of cargo bikes) and effective/ innovative rules (eg credit incentives).

Specific objectives of the project:

  • Reducing current levels of freight traffic by reducing the total number of commercial vehicles performing final delivery operations in the historic center of Lucca
  • Lower levels of environmental pollution due to lower emissions from commercial vehicles, with a reduction of CO2 of 11.6%, a reduction of NOx of 10.6% and a reduction of particulate matter (PM) of 12.6% compared to current levels
  • Reduction of energy consumption of urban freight transport
  • Lower noise pollution levels
  • Less risk for historic buildings due to vibrations resulting from heavy traffic
  • Improved pedestrian safety
  • Carriers will use multiple vehicles with low or zero emissions
  • Transport operators are more likely to use the logistics services provided by the local Urban Consolidation Center, thanks to a new enforcement and access policy
  • Improved urban environment and thus quality of life for residents, visitors and tourists.

*Source: LIFE ASPIRE – LIFE database