LIFE TOP CLeveR – Training and Outreach Programmes for a Circular and Level(s) based Revolution

Project number:



Duration of the project:

1. 10. 2023. – 30. 9. 2026.


Total value:

1,031,320 €


EU co-financing:

979,754 €


Coordinating beneficiary:

Green Building Council Italia



Green Building Council Croatia, Green Building Council Slovenia, Green Building Council Spain, Green Building Council Hungary, Green Building Council Poland, World Green Building Council Europe (Belgium)


Project description:

Training and Outreach Programme for a Circular and Level(s) based Revolution The project aims to empower construction professionals and workers with the skills needed to face the challenges of the whole life carbon and circular approach along a building life cycle, to also support the implementation of the Level(s) Framework by all the actors of the value chain. Innovative VET programmes and activities for white and blue collars will be developed and tested, and specific actions will be undertaken to acknowledge and enhance young talents’ preparedness for the future career in the building sector. Women’s role will be at the center of the discussion, raising the voice of female professionals and workers to raise awareness for equal opportunities in the field. The countries covered by the project are: Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, and Poland. In addition, a global platform to exploit project outcomes will be designed, that will convene knowledge and training materials from the green building movement actors across Europe and the world. Project partners will produce business plans to place the activities of the project in the real market and take them on after the project’s end.