LIFE SRI2MARKET – Paving the way for the adoption of the SRI into national regulation and market

Project number:



Duration of the project:

1. 11. 2022. – 31. 10. 2025.


Total value:

2,010,081 €


EU co-financing:

1,909,577 €


Coordinating beneficiary:

Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy (IEECP)



Energetski institut Hrvoje Požar, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, AEE – Institut für Nachhaltige Technologien, Federation on European heating and air-conditioning associations (REHVA), Cyprus Energy Agency, Certificacion Energetica Sl., Fundacion Cener – National Renewable Energy Centre of Spain, R2M Solution, HEBES Intelligence Single Member I.K.E.,University of Piraeus Research Centre (UPRC)ADENE – Agency for Energy


Project description:

The SRI2MARKET project will improve the knowledge and capabilities of six (6) Member States (Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Portugal, and Spain) with regards to the introduction of the SRI in their national regulation and market. To this end, the project differentiates its objective as follows: 1. Member States with official test phases launched: Austria and France. SRI2MARKET will both support – through its disseminated messages, use cases and tools – and learn from the national testing phases. In this case, the main objective of the project is to be complementary to the planned national activities, and showcase the successes and obstacles of the testing phases so that other Member States can learn and plan accordingly the rollout of the SRI in their markets. 2. Member States with active interest in the SRI: Portugal and Spain. SRI2MARKET will support these Member States on moving forward with designing and implementing a testing phase and/or an SRI rollout when they choose to. The main objective of the project is to disseminate lessons learned from the testing phase of the Member States in the previous group, and act as a catalyst for accelerating the relevant policy decisions in the Member States of this group by initiating stakeholder dialogues and making a series of tools and use cases available. 3. Member States where SRI2MARKET can lay the groundwork for policy makers to decide how to proceed with the SRI: Croatia and Cyprus. The main goal of the project is to engage national policy and market stakeholders so that to create interest in the SRI and the opportunities that may emerge from it.