#EULife23 call submission results: 653 LIFE project proposals with EUR 3 billion total cost

#EULife23 call submission results: 653 LIFE project proposals with EUR 3 billion total cost

The LIFE Programme’s 2023 calls have received 653 proposals from across the EU.

The closing date for submitting projects focused on nature and biodiversity, and circular economy and quality of life, was 6 September 2022. For initiatives addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation, the deadline was 21 September 2022, while the call for clean energy transition closed on 16 November 2023. Applications were submitted from nearly all EU member states.

With a total cost of approximately EUR 3 billion, these proposals can be categorised as follows:

  • EUR 655 million for nature and biodiversity - 118 applications.
  • EUR 800 million for circular economy and quality of life – 160 applications.
  • EUR 1 billion for climate change mitigation and adaptation - 139 applications.
  • EUR 487 million for clean energy transition - 236 applications.

In total, these prospective LIFE projects have sought around EUR 1.6 billion in EU co-financing.

Collectively, these projects aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • Safeguard Europe’s nature by halting and reversing the decline of biodiversity.
  • Elevate the circular economy through the implementation of innovative technologies and solutions.
  • Protect, restore and improve the environment to ultimately enhance the quality of citizens’ lives.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase resilience to climate change, and raise awareness of climate change mitigation.
  • Drive the clean energy transition by advocating for the adoption of energy-efficient and renewable energy solutions.

The projects will help Europe become a climate-neutral continent by 2050. They also support the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and the EU Circular Economy Action Plan, whilst contributing to a clean energy transition.

What happens now?  

Each proposal will undergo an independent evaluation, and CINEA will notify applicants of the results in spring 2024. Successful projects will enter into grant agreements during the summer of 2024, with the new projects starting later in the season.