LIFE DISCOVER – Developing Integrated Services for COmmunity energy to accelerate Valid Energy Transition

Project number:



Duration of the project:

1. 12. 2023. – 30. 11. 2026.


Total value:

1,386,117 €


EU co-financing:

1,316,811 €


Coordinating beneficiary:

Aisfor Srl (Italy)



NGO Without Borders (Croatia), AG.EN.A – Energy and Environment Agency of Teramo Province (Ital), APC – Paris Climate Agency (Francuska), Pixel energy solutions GmbH (Austrija), Institute for Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development and Innovation (Bulgaria)


Project description:

DISCOVER is an innovative LIFE project with the strategic aim to support the transition to a renewable energy-driven society. By fostering Community Energy Projects (CEPs), DISCOVER will empower citizens and mobilize significant investment in renewable energy generation in pilots across Europe. DISCOVER will set up and run local hubs in 5 diverse European regions respectively in Italy, France, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Austria, to pilot innovative support mechanisms for the launch and running of CEPs. The hubs will deliver guidance and practical services on the technical, economic, financial and legal aspects and will help CEPs link to local service and technology providers. The services will cover all the phases of the CEPs so as to accompany them throughout their lifecycle.

Thanks to diverse socio-geographical-legislative and market maturity levels contexts in these 5 piloting countries, DISCOVER will validate the model for local service hubs, providing an interactive online tool, designed to provide extensive support to local communities embarking on Renewable Energy Projects, and a comprehensive guidebook. DISCOVER aims to simplify decision-making processes and reduce operational barriers by connecting projects with local service and technology providers and relevant authorities.

During the 3 year timeframe, DISCOVER is expected to reach more than 20,000 citizens, support 50 new initiatives (mostly distributed PV generation), and trigger a total investment of more than 19 million of euros. The final project outcomes will promote and facilitate the implementation of further hubs in other regions also after its end so as to ensure a full European coverage and implementation of the CEPs service hubs.

The DISCOVER consortium stands as a collaborative force spanning over five European countries, each committed to driving the vision of CEPs within their respective regions. The consortium comprises active national / regional leaders in the CEP initiatives, well-connected to citizens, local authorities, and stakeholders.