LIFE LOCAL GoGREEN – Empowering local authorities for accelerating the CET

Project number:



Duration of the project:

1. 11. 2023. – 31. 10. 2026.


Total value:

1,472,946 €


EU co-financing:

1,399,294 €


Coordinating beneficiary:

LEA Ptuj – Local Energy Agency Spodnje Podravje (Slovenia)



Enerkon d.o.o. (Croatia), National Research Council (Italy), University of Tartu (Estonia), ABERON OOD (Bulgaria), A3E – Association of Energy Efficiency Companies (Spain), EIT – European Institute of Innovation and Technology (Germany), Dr. Jakob Energy Research (Germany)


Project description:

LOCAL GoGREEN project is aiming at accelerating the clean energy transition of small municipalities in 5 EU countries in implementing Integrated Climate & Energy Plans.

Through specific targeted measures they will minimize the climate change impact, accelerate their shift to green energy resources and ensure affordable energy access for their population.

The overall purpose of the LOCAL GoGREEN project is to create a municipal ecosystem of data sharing, technical assistance and project pipeline for small European municipalities that require support for their energy transition.

Capacity building for the public authorities in pilot Municipalities are foreseen, including transition management, carbon budgets, decentralization of energy production and green procurement practices.

To support this, Regional Advisory Councils (RAC) will be established, which allow for a group of experts disposing with intelligence, expertise, and capacity to meet the requests for technical, commercial, regulatory and policy assistance arising from local needs identification which cannot be met directly by local stakeholders.

Stakeholder engagement is planned through capacity building for main business players and active prosumer associations including working groups and public consultations.

Partner countries will establish a transnational municipal network to help local communities benefit from longer-term support and larger amounts of finance through major national and European energy transition programs but also innovative project pipeline which make them self-reliant in realizing the transition.

The RAC will serve as a bridge between national and local actors accessing these programs, as well as providing direct assistance.

The results achieved will be replicated by cluster of Municipalities, established on territorial level around the pilots.

Local, national, and transnational events will raise awareness and disseminate the project outcomes.