LIFE Project – National Contact Point (NCP) Capacity Building, LIFE14 CAP/HR/000014

LIFE Project – National Contact Point (NCP) Capacity Building, LIFE14 CAP/HR/000014

Duration of the project:

1.11.2015. – 31.1.2019.

Total value:

€ 1.101.636,00

EU co-financing:

€ 999.849,00

Beneficiary coordinator:

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy


There are no partners in the project

Web page: LIFE programme Croatia

The LIFE programme presented funding for capacity building projects for the 2014-2017 programming period. The project aims to strengthen the capacity of Member States to participate more effectively in the LIFE programme. In particular, these projects propose measures to contribute to a higher number of successful project applications from the Environment and Climate Action Sub-Program. Eligible Member States can receive funding of up to one million euros. Only state bodies responsible for the implementation of the LIFE programme within the EU Member States can apply for the implementation of a capacity building project.

Project goals:

  • Effective participation of Croatia in the LIFE Program
  • Promote the LIFE Program in Croatia and raise awareness of the benefits of LIFE projects for environmental and climate protection
  • Raise the level of knowledge of potential applicants about the LIFE program
  • Increase the number of successful applications to the LIFE Program

The main activities of the project included the establishment of a HELP desk, exchange of experiences and networking with national contact points and beneficiaries from other Member States, informing and educating potential applicants and key stakeholders about the LIFE Programme and advising on project proposals of potential applicants.

Prior to each LIFE call, the National Contact Point (NCP) organized information workshops where it presented information to all key stakeholders and potential applicants on the LIFE Programme 2014-2020, the general conditions of the program, national co-financing; thematic priorities and examples of projects.

Following the announcement of the LIFE tender, the HELP desk organized regional workshops with the aim of preparing and assisting potential applicants to define project proposals, fill in application forms and avoid frequent mistakes. Workshops through questions and answers and exercises helped in the practical part of project preparation and application according to the conditions of the LIFE programme.

The HELP desk was at all times available to potential applicants for expert consulting services for the preparation and application of LIFE projects that could be implemented by e-mail, telephone or by organizing an advisory meeting. In addition, during the project, work was done on strengthening the capacity of local experts to prepare the LIFE project, which was realized through special training workshops for trainers.

User coordinator:

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy

Radnička cesta 80

10 000 Zagreb, Croatia