LIFE RENOVERTY – Home Renovation Roadmaps to Address Energy Poverty in Vulnerable Rural Districts

Project number:



Duration of the project:

1. 11. 2022. – 31. 10. 2025.


Total value:

2,027,103 €


EU co-financing:

1,925,744 €


Coordinating beneficiary:

The Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy (IEECP)



Association Européenne LEADER pour le Développement Rural, Regionalna energetska agencija Sjeverozapadne Hrvatske (REGEA), Climate Alliance – Klima-Bündnis – Alianza del Clima e.V.Asociación EcoserveisMittetulundusühing Tartu Regiooni EnergiaagentuurUniversity of Piraeus Research Centre (UPRC)Reflex Környezetvédő EgyesületAisfor Srl, Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica AssociacaoFocus – društvo za sonaraven razvoj


Project description:

RENOVERTY will foster energy efficiency building upgrades in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)/Southeastern Europe (SEE) countries, as well as Southern European countries (SE), by setting the methodological and practical frame to build renovation roadmaps of vulnerable rural districts in a financially viable and socially just manner. The project will design operating single or multi-household roadmaps for rural areas, and a scalable model to ensure the wide geographically replicability and take-up of the roadmaps, at both the CEE/SEE and SE regions and scale it up for the entire EU. Specifically, the project activities aim to deliver tools and resources to support local actors to build and implement financially viable roadmaps with the participation of all actors involved to be then synthesised in a replicable model to be taken up by different actors. Strategically, the project will contribute to minimize logistical, financial, administrative, and legal burdens caused by a complex and multi-stakeholder home renovation process and ensure that building retrofits consider the social dimension by incorporating security, comfort, and improved accessibility for citizens to further improve the quality of life of the vulnerable population. In the long run the project will contribute to a wider integration of rural and peri-urban development. The seven pilots will take place in Sveta Nedelja (Croatia), Tartu (Estonia), Bükk-Mak & Somló-Marcalmente-Bakonyalja Leader (Hungary), Zasavje (Slovenia), Parma (Italy), Coimbra (Portugal), and Osona (Spain).