LIFE EUCF – LIFE European City Facility

LIFE EUCF – LIFE European City Facility

Project number:



Duration of the project:

1. 12. 2022. – 31. 12. 2027.


Total value:


EU co-financing:

15,332,488.55 €


Coordinating beneficiary:

Energy Cities Association



Fedarene (European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and Environment) – REGEA (Croatian partner), Adelphi Research Gemeinnützige GmbH, Enviros s.r.o., Climate Alliance, ICLEI European Secretariat GmbH, Global New Energy Finance


Project description:

The overarching goal of the LIFE EUCF project is to provide financial and technical to cities and their groupings to accelerate the implementation of their ambitious sustainable energy and climate plans. The LIFE EUCF will give continuation to the success of the EUCF currently running under Horizon 2020, taking stock of the lessons learned allowing an appropriate follow-up and upscale, by continuing being relevant to cities in structuring and giving maturity to their projects, and increasing the investment in sustainable energy, aligning with the European Green Deal goals. LIFE EUCF specific objectives include:

– To design, plan and manage 3 (three) LIFE EUCF calls for the selection of 209 cities, municipalities or their groupings, to be provided with financial support and services, triggering more than 125 million EUR of investment in sustainable energy, in particular energy efficiency;

– To offer services at the national/regional level to support cities and municipalities by setting up and managing a network of 29 country experts and national HUBs, raising capacity of more than 410 municipal staff, thanks to the organisation of at least 130 capacity building sessions;

– To mobilise a network of private and public investors in all EU Member States to facilitate market uptake of the IC developed with LIFE EUCF support;

– To promote and disseminate LIFE EUCF results in more than 10 800 cities and municipalities and fostering replication and exploitation by developing standardized products and processes.