LIFE D2Heat – Croatian district heating sector support facility

LIFE D2Heat – Croatian district heating sector support facility

Project number



Duration of the project:

1. 11. 2022. – 31. 10. 2026.


Total value:

1,927,471 €


EU co-financing:

1,831,098 €


Coordinating beneficiary:

Regionalna energetska agencija Sjeverozapadne Hrvatske



Gradska toplana d.o.o., Hrvatska gospodarska komora, Energo d.o.o., Brod plin d.o.o., HEP Toplinarstvo d.o.o., Avelant d.o.o.


Project description:

The importance of district heating systems (DHS) in achieving decarbonisation targets is highlighted in several EU policies and strategies that emphasise the vital role district heating (DH) is expected to have in the climate-neutral future of Europe. Croatia has also put great emphasis on DH within its policies and acts, as one of the drivers of the transition away from the current fossil-based heating. However, the assumed significance of such a system is not matched with the current state of the infrastructure that is expected to be the backbone of the decarbonisation efforts both in the EU and Croatia. The Energy Strategy of the Republic of Croatia for 2030 with a view to 2050 explicitly recognises the importance of increased energy efficiency in the building sector as well as in the DH sector and sets overall national goals for both sectors. The requirements for the further development of the DH sector have been identified and include an intensive reconstruction and technological advances of existing DHS which is obsolete and generates considerable energy losses. Additionally, the Long-term Strategy for National Building Stock Renovation by 2050 for the Republic of Croatia recognises the importance of DHS in achieving the set targets regarding the retrofit of buildings and a corresponding decrease of GHG emissions, as well as the need for DH modernisation and reconstruction. D2Heat will develop a tender dossier for DH investments that incentivises the use of innovative technologies and equipment that bank on the EE first principle. Together with the project consortium consisting – amongst other partners – of the 4 largest DH companies in Croatia covering app. 98% of total heat delivered, D2Heat aims to develop a technical support facility that will provide the needed services to the stakeholders in the sector and aims to launch 39,9M€ investments by the end of the action in renewable energy production capacities and heat storage within the existing DH networks as well as the retrofit and replacement of old pipes and distribution network equipment and the upgrade of monitoring and control mechanisms.